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Tips to help your flowers last longer

Your flowers will last if you care for them properly.


An arrangement (flowers arranged into a container in floral foam) always check the water level daily to ensure that the oasis is moist and so it will provide nutrients to your flowers.


Cut Flowers

Your vase should be tall enough to cover up to half of the flower and greenery stems and remember you can always trim the stems to fit the size of your vase.

The size of your vase doesn’t matter as much as its cleanliness, so make sure it has been cleaned thoroughly, as any leftover bacteria can shorten the life of flowers and always make sure that you thoroughly rinse any soapy residue out of the vase.


Prepare your vase

Fill your clean vase with enough cool water so that it will cover at 10 -15cms of the stems. (Roses like deeper water)

You can use packaged flower sachets that you would have received with your delivery. This will increase the life of your flowers and greenery.

If you don’t have any flower food left, you can use a drop of bleach and aspirin. (Bleach kills the bacteria in the water)

If you use the aspirin simply crush two uncoated aspirin between two spoons and add to the water in the vase. Stir in your flower and plant food or aspirin into the water for a minute before adding your flowers.


Remove excess greenery leaves

Greenery leaves submerged below the water line in you vase are major contributors to the development of bacteria in the water in the vase, and will most assuredly shorten the life of your flowers and greenery. Make sure you remove any leaves that are below the level of the water to reduce the risk of bacteria. If any leaves fall into the water whilst filling the vase, remove them immediately.


Trim the ends of your flower and greenery stems before you place the flowers and greenery in a vase, immerse the stems in cool (room temperature

Always make a diagonal cut (at a 45 degree angle) on the stems so that all of the ends are pointed, as increasing the surface area of the flower or greenery stem that is exposed to the water allows each stem to take in more water and they will last longer.


Keep the water in your vase fresh and clean.

Remove your flowers and greenery from the vase every one to two days and add fresh water (with flower food and/or aspirin).

If a layer of scum begins to develop on the walls of the vase at or below the water level, remove the flowers and greenery and clean out the vase with a mild soap and water. Then make sure that you rinse the vase thoroughly, and then add fresh water before the flowers and greenery are re arranged.


Keep your flowers away from heat, drafts and direct sunlight.

Always ensure that your flowers are kept away from direct heat. Ideally move arrangements away from the areas where they will be exposed to direct heat from the sun and no ventilation.

Where ever possible keep them in a shaded cool area of the home or office. If you home or office is air conditioned, it is likely that they will not last a long time where fresh air ventilation is non-existent.


Remove flowers and greenery that are wilting or dying

Check your flowers and greenery each day and remove any that may be wilting or dying, in this way the remaining flowers and greenery will last longer.


Five Star Experience

Dealing with Julie was such a pleasure when choosing our wedding flowers. We also had quiet a hard table setting we wanted done and she did an amazing job. I would highly recommend Julie and the team, they were great to deal with and very high quality results.

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