Red Flower Meaning

Red is probably the most famous and popular colour of flowers. They make their great appearance in Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. They are widely known for passion and love in all its various forms. Amongst the shades of red, it is most common to use the deeper shade of red for love. Lighter shades of red are also very common but probably not as much as the powerful and the darker shades of red. Red roses are the optimum choice and you can hardly go wrong with a nice bouquet no matter what is the occasion.

Pink Flower Meaning

The use of pink flowers is to show a lighter side to love. Pink flowers are uplifting and versatile. While red flowers are more suitable to events like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, pink flowers are appropriate for giving to any loved one, in many other occasions and not just as a romantic symbol. Pink flowers are perfect if you are looking to lift one’s spirit.

Yellow Flower Meaning

Yellow flowers are considered to be happy flowers. Flowers like sunflowers, poppies, tulips etc. are used to have an effect like a sun. Make someone happy and smile. They have symbolism in Feng Shui to brighten one’s room and are very suitable as a gift for a man and not just for a woman, for the home or the office. They symbolize success, friendship and a new beginning.

Orange Flower Meaning

Obviously, the Orange colour is coming from a mixture of red and yellow. The meaning of orange flowers is a mixture of those two colours as well. They can appear in a friendly bouquet as well as in romantic one.

Blue Flower Meaning

The colour blue of flowers is used to symbolize tranquillity and peace. The same as yellow flowers stand for sun and light, blue flowers stand for water and ocean. They are known to have a calming effect along with exotic and mysterious feeling and atmosphere. Blue is not the first colour one would think of when thinking of flowers but that is probably a big part of their allure.

White Flower Meaning

When thinking of white flowers, people will usually start thinking of wedding ceremonies, wedding dresses, etc. Despite its relatively mundane colour, white has a lot of symbolism and universally associated with innocence, purity, clean, fresh starts and more.