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10 reasons why you should send flowers

If you have the need to express your feelings, nothing says it better and universally than flowers.

Here are 10 situations where flowers turn out to be the perfect gift for your sentimental expression.

1. BIRTHDAYS – If you know someone with a birthday coming up and aren’t sure what to get them, why not consider flowers. There’s probably not a woman alive who doesn’t like or want them for her birthday. You can’t go wrong, as they say!

2. ANNIVERSARIES – Whether it is your own anniversary or a couple that is close to you, they’ll almost certainly appreciate a bouquet of flowers. If it is your own, flowers aren’t just a suggestion, they’re a must!

3. MOTHER’S DAY – Mum’s do an awful lot for us, both as children and as adults, so they deserve to be spoilt on their special day. If you can make it to see in person, she’ll appreciate it, but if you can’t, make sure you call a florist and have some delivered.

4. WHEN SOMEBODY IS ILL – It’s not just happy occasions when flowers are the right gesture. If a family member is ill, they may get a boost when the flowers arrive.

5. WHEN A LOVED ONE HAS PASSED – Again, in the saddest of circumstances, nothing conveys messages of sympathy and sorrow like flowers. Whether they’re for the grieving family or for the funeral, they are an important gift.

6. WHEN YOU NEED TO SAY SORRY – Back on a lighter note now and someone has done something wrong, then nothing quite sends the message of an apology like a gorgeous (and big) bouquet of flowers.

7. WHEN YOU WANT TO SAY ‘I LOVE YOU’ – Maybe you haven’t done anything wrong. Maybe you just want to tell someone how much they mean to you with a special delivery from the florists. This one’s particularly popular on St Valentine’s Day.

8. TO CHEER SOMEONE UP – Sometimes, people are down. There are endless reasons why this might be the case, but there’s every chance that their spirits will be raised with some brightly coloured flowers.

9. WHEN SOMEONE’S BACK FROM HOLIDAY – If you’re housesitting for someone while they’re away, why not welcome them back by ordering flowers and putting them in their home?

10. FOR YOURSELF – That’s right, spoil yourself. You deserve it. If you want cheering up or you just want your home to look brighter, treat yourself to a beautiful arrangement

Five Star Experience

This morning (8th March 2021) I ordered some flowers to be delivered to a sick patient in a nearby hospital. I spoke to the staff at Vogue in a Vase over the phone and they were very helpful and friendly. I received a text message within a couple of hours to let me know the flowers had been delivered successfully.


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